About 45 per cent of normal adults suffer from occasional snoring and at least 25 per cent are regular snores. Roncopathy is a disease and should be considered as a disease and not as a normal event in people’s lives. The pathological significance ranges from simple snoring to SAS (Sleep apnea syndrome) with Pickwik’s syndrome being its maximum expression. Patients suffering from S.A.S. present pictures of apneas that cause them to interrupt sleep, making it difficult to rest at night. These patients have a high daytime drowsiness, and can prove hypercapnia and metabolic acidosis.
At our dental clinic, we offer the sophisticated and exclusive treatment to combat snoring problems with the Orthoapnea apparatus.

Orthoapnea is a patented splint type prosthesis devised as a solution to snoring and obstructive apnea of mild and moderate sleep as well as increased upper airway resistance syndrome (SARS) and for patients with severe apnoea that do not tolerate CPAP.

Orthoapnea represents the latest generation of devices and is the only proven solution for the treatment of roncopathy and sleep apnea whose efficacy has been tested in different clinical trials and is currently the device used, tested and recommended in the main sleep units.