At Pons Soria Dental Clinic we believe and understand that children are young adults and as such we bring the same love and pampering that we dedicate to adults to meet the dental needs of the house’s small kings. Our clinic has a Children’s Dental Unit in Valencia exclusively to treat the children of the house.

A Pediatric or Child Dentist specializes in the dental care of children and adolescents. It is your job to assess and diagnose your child’s dental condition. An experienced Pediatric Dentist will tell you the best way to treat your child according to his or her behavior, emotional level, and type of treatment.

That’s why not all pediatric dentists are the same at all. At Clinica Dental Pons Soria, your dental clinic in Valencia, we bet on excellence especially for the little ones. That’s why our pediatric dentistry specialist is certified by the Pediatric Dentistry American Board. Your team of dentists in Valencia, at the Pons Soria Dental Clinic.