Every day more and more of us opt for a return to the most natural alternatives and move away from artificial treatments, often necessary but always more aggressive for the organism.

Holistic Medicine contemplates the organism as a global whole composed of organs, emotions and experiences and combines modern and traditional methods observing the influence of the environment on tissues, so that, as if the theory of butterfly wings were dealt with, the treatment your teeth receive, reverberates in an unsuspected way, in any other part of the organism.

At your Dental Clinic in Valencia, Pons Soria, we’ve been betting on a holistic method, combining the most advanced technology with an overview of the diagnosis of each patient to reach the initial causes and applying a preventive option rather than invasive, to treat the root of the problem its root, not just its consequences.

In our Holistic Dentistry Unit in Valencia we bet on the use of materials alternative to metal, achieving equally great aesthetic results, functional and greater biocompatibility.

We offer you an authentic Conservative Dental Therapy;

  • We recover anatomy, texturization and lost functionality to those teeth that have suffered blows, fractures, old fillings broken or abrasions using nontoxic biocompatible materials.
  • Treatment of dental sensitivity.
  • Recovery of dental occlusion: we reestablish the way to fit or close the teeth together.
  • Prevention and treatment of pain of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)
  • Clinical posturology applied.
  • Removal of silver amalgam fillings (black fillings)
  • Treatment of withdrawn gums.