Dental cosmetics for Doctors Pons Soria are a set of treatments that can be performed according to the needs of each patient to be able to effectively give you your ideal smile. It is important to carry out a study of the smile where some clinical procedures are performed so that we can explain in a visual and clear way where we started and how far we could go for a spectacular smile.


Our unique bleaching system works by increasing the permeability of the tooth with oxygen, breaking the molecules of the stain. It is a combined home-office treatment; 14 days at home and one hour at our clinic.



It is a widely recognized bleaching system. It is the most effective in the world. Guaranteeing a “B1” tonality (Perfect white) for each patient with a 98% success rate.

How much will my teeth be bleached?

Our whitening system can bleach 16 shades. Results like everything can vary, but if the procedure is used correctly they are bleached drastically.

Are your teeth going to stay artificial?

. Natural teeth are rarely too white. The results with our exclusive bleach system are spectacular, being different from the smiles created by veneers or crowns that obviously seem more artificial.
I want to whiten my teeth and you already have crowns, veneers or fillings that are bleached, too?

If a patient wants a whitening treatment, it should be clear that if he or she has teeth with prosthetics, these restorations will have to be changed after the whitening treatment. Since only natural teeth are bleached and the color difference could be very striking.

Will I feel pain or discomfort?

Our system kit includes desensitizing cannulas acting immediately in case there is any sensitivity.

How long is the treatment?

It is 14 nights with a complete and exclusive kit. After the 15th in our clinic a session of 40 minutes only.

Once bleached… what is the duration?

The results can last indefinitely with simple maintenance. Just one night every 2 months.

Is this treatment safe?

Completely safe, it works through the enamel without damaging the tooth surface.

Is this whitening system expensive?

The cost is low compared to satisfactory results.

Do I have to change my lifestyle?

With our treatment it changes your life and your smile. But not your lifestyle.

What does this exclusive bleach system consist of?

We sent some molds from your mouth to London to make the individual bleaching trays for your treatment.

When the splints arrive in Spain you are given your “home-kit “consisting of:

  • Dental Serum: Dental paste designed for using before and during bleaching treatment.
  • Dental paste: Dental paste for using after bleaching treatment. Composed of a new technology for eliminating and preventing the appearance of stains, and increase the durability of the whitening treatment.
  • Set Bleaching Syringes: Used during 14 nights.
Anti-sensitivity reserve kit; For those cases that show some sensitivity

Once the home treatment of 14 nights has been completed. The next day at the Pons Soria Dental Clinic the treatment is finished with a 40 minute session.



It is our clinical aesthetic procedure par excellence. More and more, our patients are encouraged to perform this revolutionary treatment since that without anesthesia, without pain and without carving of the teeth, we can change both the color, shape and/or size of the teeth and in a time not exceeding one morning.

On Pons Soria Dental Clinics, the aesthetic philosophy on which we rely on, is stratification technique and dental biomimicry which refers to the imitation and/or original recovery of the tooth by conservative and biologically healthy methods. This treatment is highly recommended for those who suffer white spots from hypocalcification, grey striped teeth (tetracyclinics) or teeth with stippling and small perforations (fluorosis).